Consolidated cargo

Delivery of small loads by international transport. Delivery is carried out by road throughout the CIS countries, from Europe or to Europe.

Benefits of the service:

  • Cost effective solutions for delivery of small cargoes throughout the CIS, from Europe or to Europe
  • Customs clearance of the consolidated load using GPD Service, other customs brokers, or by the client
  • Flexible approach to tariffs
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Economic viability for shipments of cargoes with medium and large tonnage
  • Cargo tracking at any point of the route
  • Economic viability for cargoes of medium and large tonnage
  • The possibility of synergy when using several GPD Service services: international transport of cargo, customs clearance, warehouse handling, shipment of a consolidated load throughout the Russian Federation. Shipment of different categories of cargo, as well as organization of specified-time delivery with extended loading and unloading times.

Detailed description of the service:

GPD Service offers its customers favorable terms for export and import shipments of consolidated cargoes throughout the CIS, from Europe or to Europe. Shipping of consolidated cargo is especially effective for you when you want to organize the delivery of a small shipment. In this case, your cargo will be consolidated with cargoes of the other customers. Delivery times are slightly longer, but this kind of shipping provides significant savings on logistics costs.

GPD Service offers its customers a service of an integrated supply chain in order to use the most cost-effective logistics solutions at each stage of the movement of the goods.

We guarantee to meet delivery dates, and the safety and confidentiality of your shipments.

You can track the status of the cargo delivery on our website, via our contact center or by an sms-notification service.

Delivery time: 3 days and more.