Freight transport

Transportation of freight in containers from Asia and Western Europe, delivered by various modes of transportation, as well as the delivery of containers from the Russian and European ports by road and rail.

Benefits of the service:

  • Vast delivery geography
  • Customs clearance of the consolidated load using GPD Service, other customs brokers, or by the client
  • High transportation reliability and freight safety in sealed containers
  • Economic viability of cargo shipments from Western Europe and Asia
  • Door-to-door delivery by road and by rail if required.

Detailed description of the service:

GPD Service helps to organize the import of goods from Asia and Western Europe.

Intermodal freight transport refers to the combined, well-organized transportation of cargo, delivered by various means of international transport. It is based on the delivery of cargoes in sealed containers. GPD Service provides intermodal container transportation “from door to door” if required. We are also happy to offer interesting conditions for the delivery of containers from the ports including delivery to your warehouse.

Today, container transport is truly considered to be one of the most reliable forms of delivery. High strength containers protect the cargo from the environment and external damage during transportation. Automated loading and unloading of cargo in containers can bring significant savings to these operations and make them fast.

GPD Service is ready to guarantee its customers efficient and reliable delivery of goods in a short time. We are ready to provide various types of containers to our customers for transportation of a wide range of goods.

GPD Service offers its customers a service of an integrated supply chain in order to use the most cost-effective logistics solutions at each stage of the movement of the goods.